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Comprehensive 5-day Silicon Valley Immersion Program
For Corporate Executives

What Is An Executive Immersion Program?


What Is An Executive Immersion Program?

One-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about the latest trends in digital transformation, directly from the Silicon Valley insiders. The program includes 5 full days of immersive experience with the most innovative Silicon Valley companies. It is designed specifically for corporate executives leading digital transformation initiatives.

What Will I Learn?

Disruptive Technology Trends

Gain clarity on disruptive technology trends and challenges and opportunities they create.​

Critical Digital Capabilities

Discover critical digital capabilities you need to create a customer-centric journey​​.​

Integration With Strategy

Brainstorm with Silicon Valley visionaries how to make digital integral to your strategy​.

Investment Approaches

Figure out where to invest to get the best return on investment for digital transformation.

Who Will I Meet?

Sample Agenda

Who will win and who will lose in the digitizing economy

Learn about Silicon Valley’s ecosystem and its role in accelerating the digital revolution. Get an introduction to the economic drivers and major players that fuel technological innovation and shape the future of the industries. Hear from thought leaders from SVIC, Institute For The Future, Flex and Google about the future of the automated world and who is most likely to win and to lose in the brave new digital world.

  • The Role of Silicon Valley In Driving Digital Revolution
  • Future Thinking And Automated World
  • The Age of Intelligence
  • From Search Engine to Disrupting 15+ Industries

AI, VR/AR, IoT, Robotics and more. Threats and opportunities

Meet with trailblazers developing and applying breakthrough technologies. Visit companies such as DeepVision, Nvidia, iRobot, and Arrayent to reflect on and learn about implications of these technologies on your industry and business.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Robotics
  • Blockchains
  • Internet of Things

Disruptive business models and digital capabilities for creating personalized customer experiences

Discover business model innovations that are being fueled by emerging technologies. Learn how companies such as AirBnB, Netflix, and Gap transform themselves from using machine learning to scale personalized interactions to flexing the supply chain to support entirely new business models like digital goods or subscription products.

  • Innovation in Business Models
  • Case Study On Disruptive innovation
  • Bridging The Digital Gap
  • Creating Unique Consumer Experiences

Lessons from digitally native

Connect with aspiring “unicorns” just getting their ideas off the ground and out of the garages. Explore the latest innovation with digitally native companies such as the participants of the 500 startups acceleration program, The Vault, Due, and learn about innovative strategies and unorthodox tactics digital native companies employ to achieve rapid growth.

  • Making Digital Happen
  • Lessons From Digitally Native
  • What Corporations Can Learn From Silicon Valley Startups

Case studies in leading digital transformation

Hear from the digital transformation leaders from companies such as Cisco and CitiVentures about their approach to digital transformation through automating business processes and implementing change management initiatives. Hear about what business outcomes this effort brings. Visit innovation labs of companies such as Mercedes and Autodesk to explore a variety of innovation strategies that companies employ to accelerate corporate innovation.

  • Real-life Story Of Leading Digital Transformation
  • Corporate Innovation Strategy: Innovation Lab
  • Corporate Innovation Strategy: Venture Fund
  • Corporate Innovation Strategy: Innovation Outpost
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What Did Attendees Have To Say About The Program?


“As I was leading the digital transformation, it is very challenging on how we can quickly align and get management support on our priorities and urgencies, in the sense that, our management team has a very diverse background and their knowledge on the impact of technology varies quite a bit as well. So, bringing them here to SVIC and going through this program is not only a quick way, but, really, a very impactful way of educating our management team. I find that the overall program is definitely an excellent program to look at in a more structured way and how we can understand how digital is changing not only our company but our industry as well.”

Andre Cabral, Marketing Director of Phillips, Portugal


“And so my expectation was that – for a certain point – that we would be exposed to innovation and to everything that is happening in the Silicon Valley, but I think you guys really excelled in terms of providing us creative examples, concrete practices, benchmarks, so it went much beyond. What I expected would be kind of the innovation beach, all those different cases and examples. That’s good to inspire, but I think most of the people, at least I see, attended the courses was really focused on, How can I make it happen back home? And I felt, really, you did a great job. I really have to compliment you and the entire team because it was super great. I leave very much satisfied. Of course, the challenge is still big, so when you go back home, all the different constraints you have, the business, the current business, again, it’s nothing easy, but I really feel like it has been enlightening so far. So thank you so much.”

Paula Campoy, Customer Excellence Director
AbbVie, Brazil


“It was like an investment of a lifetime. So, when you look at how the economy is changing and how business is changing so fast, I think you are eager to move. I think having the opportunity to understand a little bit the concept, the urgency of disrupting and digital transformation, your business, the way you think, makes you move, so I think there’s not an option. You need to somehow get in touch with something and being the opportunity of being here is amazing because you are in the heart of innovation and transformation.”

Nicolas Toth Junior, Managing Director, Latin America, Sharecare Brasil Ltda, Brazil

Why Should I Join?


Executive Meetings
Connect With Digital Transformation Leaders

Meet innovation officers and transformation leaders of Silicon Valley, visionaries and innovators. Our sessions are small to allow for extensive face-to- face interactions.


Company Visits
Get Privileged Access To Silicon Valley

Visit companies typically not open to the public. Witness intensity of corporate environment competing on innovation. Interact with Silicon Valley insiders on-site.

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Technology Insights
Master Emerging Technology Trends

Learn from first-hand information not generally known. Take a deep dive into tech trends re-shaping industries and brainstorm with the practitioners.


Best Practices
Get It Right

Discover the structured approach to guiding digital transformation from leadership, organization and culture, to customer experience, digital platform and execution.


Open Pathways To New Business Opportunities

Explore potential partnership opportunities with Silicon Valley companies. Finding great partners is a typical outcome of this executive programs.

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Strategy Tips
Learn From Those Doing It Best

Get practical strategy tips on digital transformation from those who do it best. Meet with corporate leaders who are pioneering the solutions and redefining the future.

Recent Programs

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October 8-12, 2018
January 21-25, 2019
April 8-12, 2019

Early Bird: $8,500/person
Regular: $10,000/person
Late Bird: $12,000/person

What Is Included?

Executive Program: 5 full days of educational sessions, meetings and company visits
Hotel accommodation
Transfers between company visits
Program support with an SVIC representative accompanying the group

If you prefer to book and pay for your own accommodation, contact us to request a registration code.


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