Comprehensive 5-day Silicon Valley Immersion Program
for Talent Transformation Executives

The Secrets of Innovation Culture

What Is An Executive Immersion Program?

This 5 day executive program is about how to build innovation culture within an organization. It gives you a unique opportunity to immerse into the startup ecosystem in the Silicon Valley and learn directly from innovation leaders the key ingredients of their corporate culture. Participants will learn about how successful companies are innovating and their talent management best practices.


Expert Insights

Gain a broader perspective about technology trends re-shaping multiple industries. 


Company Visits

Visit companies typically not open to the public and interact in-person with innovation leaders.


Executive Meetings

Get exclusive advice from visionaries and innovators who have made substantial breakthroughs in their industry.

Topics Covered


Understand the difference between disruptive and incremental innovation, and how to give space for people to experiment, without losing control.


Learn the key attributes of innovation culture such as guiding principles, company purpose, and key corporate values.


Learn how to create space for people to experiment, make employees empowered and self-steering.


Discover the key trends such as sharing economy, skills marketplace, freelancing, and what is important for Millennials & Gen Z generation.


Experience how startups involve and get close to the customer to really address their needs.


Get familiar with different ways of recruiting, evaluating, developing and promoting top talent.

What Did Attendees Have To Say About The Program?

“I have come here to Silicon Valley Innovation Center to have a look forward and see what is coming. I have enjoy getting to know how is it here and being able to build up this relationship, whether it was HP or Upwork. It’s really up to you to define what you want this experience to be. I recommend this experience highly enough and looking forward to coming back.””

Katherine Boiciuc, Director Business Capability GES Telstra, Australia

“Thank you SVIC for this great week. I like to be the part of the program and the group. The program was very intense and impressive: great speakers and good choice of companies. For me, it was a really successful week.”

Marcel Haert, Head of Digital Transformation
KPMG, Switzerland

“The program made by SVIC was great: regarding looking at the new trends and what is going on, regarding innovation and digital transformation processes that you can apply inside your company. I was impressed by case studies that were so practical and gave us some new methodology that can improve our customer experience.”

Paula Campoy, Customer Excellence Director
AbbVie, Brazil

Who Will I Meet?

Sample Agenda

day 1.1.1
day 1.2

DAY 1: Innovation In The Idea Economy

Industry Disruption

Learn about the ongoing industry transformations triggered by emerging technologies and new business models. Discover the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem driving a good portion of this fundamental change. Topics addressed:

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution and industry disruption
  • The future of industries
  • The future of workforce

The Concept of Innovation

Understand the concept of disruptive innovation and the role of startups in creating new markets. See how fast startups innovate through ideation, prototyping, agile cycles, and minimum viable products.

day 2.2

DAY 2: Values and Culture of Innovative Companies

Corporate Values​

Experience the power of a clear company purpose and a strong set of values. Discover how your entire company can become more purpose driven, values oriented and philanthropical. Learn directly from Silicon Valley Insiders:

  • How startups define their guiding principles
  • How large technology leaders maintain innovation spirit

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Hear inspiring stories from leaders in Silicon Valley. Think big and think differently. Discover how your company can become more entrepreneurial, performance driven and lean. Find out about:

  • Innovation as a process
  • The company of the future
day 3.1
day 3.2

DAY 3: Empowering Digital Transformation

Customer Centric Approach

See how startups work closely with the customers to address their needs. Discover how your company can become more customer focussed, and your employees more empowered and self-steering. Get immersed in and discuss:

  • Corporate culture of unicorns
  • Diversity – is it a metric or a way of thinking?

Employee Empowerment

Learn how to create space for people to experiment, without losing control. See how to make employees empowered and self-steering. Discover common patterns in enablement of employees to generate ideas and try new things. See how office environment can feel like home and feel the effect of a positive working environment on the effectiveness of people. Visit Silicon Valley companies and witness:

  • Innovation as everyone’s responsibility
  • The best places to work
day 4.1
day 4.2.2

DAY 4: Organizational Design

Agility and Speed

See how startups are able to execute with limited resources. Get a feel of the unique dynamics between pitching for funding and bootstrapping to reduce costs. Discover how your company can become more adaptive and agile. Find out about:

  • Agile development best practices
  • Decision making frameworks

Flat Organization

Lean organizational structure, autonomy for teams and individuals, and quick decision-making are some of the elements used. Take a deep dive:

  • Teams and individuals autonomy
  • Focusing on people
day 5.2

DAY 5: Talent Management

Future of Workforce

Discover the key trends such as sharing economy, skills marketplace, freelancing, and what is important for Millennials & Gen Z generation. Learn:

  • How to attract and retain millennials
  • Who is creating value

Talent Management Best Practices

Get familiar with different ways of recruiting, evaluating, developing and promoting top talent. Learn about the latest tools and technologies enabling HR departments to truly support employees instead of simply explaining and enforcing company policies. Discover how your employees and teams can become more collaborative, truthful and willing to learn. Get best practices of:

  • Recruiting, evaluating, developing and promoting top talent
  • Transforming the corporate culture


October 22-26, 2018
January 21-25, 2019
April 15-19, 2019

Early Bird: $8,500/person
Regular: $10,000/person
Late Bird: $12,000/person

What Is Included?

Executive Program: 5 full days of educational sessions, meetings and company visits
Hotel accommodation
Transfers between company visits
Program support with an SVIC representative accompanying the group

If you prefer to book and pay for your own accommodation, contact us to request a registration code.


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